Great Bathroom Designs

Amazing Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

One of the biggest complaints that new homeowners makes is that their bathroom space is too small or outdated and grungy. Remodeling the entire space can reach into the thousands, and that perfect claw foot tub isn’t currently in the budget, but there are other options that you can look into that cost far less money forĀ bathroom remodeling Phoenix.

Paint Wall Stripes

If you find yourself flinching every time that you walk into your bathroom, maybe you should take the time to add a new paint job to the space. While you can choose any design that you want to, stripes are a classy choice that can make a room look a little larger if you do it correctly. It will also make the space look much classier, which is important because the bathroom is one of the most trafficked room in a home, especially when you have kids. Refinish everything that you can, from the subfloor to sink fixtures, and see how much it changes the feel of the bathroom.

Examine Counter Top Options

In older homes there is a multitude of different spaces that need to be remodeled and the bathroom is no exception. While it is popular to drop serious dough on a granite counter top, it is not always a realistic choice for the price conscious homeowner even though the bathroom counter is smaller than the kitchen counter. One of the best ways to save here is to expand outside of the most popular color range, and choose something that is not a neutral color such as brown, black, or tan. It might help to consider your bathroom counter as your accent piece in the restroom, and go for a splash of color that you can pick up with a matching trim. You can also choose to buy a slab of granite that has imperfections as they run at a much lower price.

Update Your Fixtures

It is important to look beyond the large remodeling that needs to happen and take a look at the smaller pieces in the room. Take the time to update your sink faucets, towel racks, light fixtures, and drawer knobs at a very low price. Updating these small details will make a huge impact in the way that your bathroom looks! In addition, expand where you shop for these fixtures so that you can get away from spending hundreds at home improvement stores. You can use thrift stores, estate sales, or over stock websites to nab the perfect accent to your bathroom.

Freshen Up the Grout and Caulk

While this may get overlooked in favor of more flashy changes, freshening up your caulk and grout is an important detail. As it gets older it becomes grimy, making your room seem worn down and dirty no matter what you do. Take a little bit of time to clean the grout and add some fresh lines of caulk around the sink and tub to revitalize your powder room at very low costs.

Pick a Strong Curtain

If you don’t have glass around your shower or bath, choosing a strong and beautiful curtain can easily transform your space into an oasis. Take the time to pick the best pattern for you, or splurge a little and create a design to be printed on your curtain. Regardless of the route that you choose to take with your curtain, the difference can be startling once you have a shower curtain that flows well with the rest of the room.