Inexpensive Remodels For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are also a sore spot for many new homeowners, as the space is usually either too small or needs serious remodeling to look updated and beautiful. While you may dream of stainless steel counters that will bring your kitchen into the twenty first century, there are many more inexpensive options that will allow you to relax until that change is in your budget.

Paint Your Cabinets

Paint is an inexpensive remodel option for almost any room in the house, and the kitchen is not any different. While you may want to replace your kitchen cabinets completely,it may not be a priority so it is time to get creative. Remove your cabinets and take the time to paint them, either using blocks of color or using stencils to create designs that you enjoy. After they have dried you can reinstall them yourself, perhaps after replacing the knobs as well.

Remove Some of the Cabinet Doors

If, during your painting process, you find that the cabinet doors are too far gone to be remodeled then don’t put them back on. This works better on higher cabinets and can be used to showcase special dishes or spices. This adds a quaint quality to your space that you may choose to keep even when you have the cash to add more cabinets!

Revamp Your Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is another crucial element to any home, ensuring that your space looks spacious and clean without any dingy corners. You can easily change your lighting by changing the type of light bulbs that you use (we always suggest LED for the lifespan) and whether you choose to utilize different color options in your space. You can also add wall lamps if you feel as though the room is not illuminated enough while you wait for the funds to install more lighting throughout the room.

modern kitchen

Hand-Painted Back Splash

Your back splash area behind your stove and sink are areas that are ripe for remodeling, but beautiful tiles are a luxury that you may not be able to afford right now. Once again, paint can come to the rescue while stencils can provide an extra boost to your room. Blank tiles are much cheaper than decorated ones and you can usually find enough for your back splash at a low cost.