Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

You spend roughly one third of your life in your bedroom, so it is important that it exemplifies your personality and style. Because it is such a personal space you can go a little more wild here, utilizing designs that might overwhelm in the living room or kitchen. Here are some low cost tools to send you in the right direction without spending thousands.

Window Coverings

While many houses come with standard blinds, many different people find that option to be bland and lacking in style. If you are adept at sewing it can be easy to create new curtains quickly and cheaply, completely altering the look of your bedroom without having to drop a bundle on pre-made curtains. If you have to go with fabricated coverings, spend some time considering what sort of window dressing would best suit your purposes before you spend as you it might be some time before you are able to get new ones.

bedroom design

Draw on Your Walls

This option is a bit of spin-off form our suggestions to paint everything else in your house, but it has a certain charm to it. While we do recommending painting if you don’t like the color scheme, it can be more personal to make the decision to do some artwork that will last. This is another way to emphasize your own personality but incorporating specific characters that speak to you or designs that repeat in other rooms, utilizing bold colors that accentuate your style. Take the time to consider what you want to live with and whether you want to embellish with additional removable art, turning your space into your own personal art studio.

Create a Window Seat

If you purchased a house with larger windows, this is an opportunity to create a space specifically for the window. Window seats add a certain old-school touch to any room, and if you enjoy reading, drawing, or sleeping in natural light it will be a useful addition in your life. If there is already a window seat next to your window, all you have to do is embellish it, or you can create a space. If you have construction skills you can build an entire seat with attached bookshelves quickly and easily, or you can buy a piece of furniture to substitute. Either way, it will spice up your space while bringing in more natural light to your bedroom.